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        Dear CIFSQ Conference Participants,

        Welcome to the China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference 2022. To protect everyone’s health while attending the upcoming CIFSQ Conference in Shanghai, please read this notice carefully. We thank you for doing your part to stay safe.


        Everyone attending CIFSQ Conference is required to pre-register online before arriving at the event venue. When completing your registration form, you must provide your name as it appears on your national identity card or passport. You must also include your mobile phone number. Please remember to bring your registration confirmation notice when collecting your badge on-site. You must be 18 or older to attend. If you are inviting anyone to help or join you at the CIFSQ Conference, please let them know that they must also register and comply with the entry and health requirements. There will be no exceptions.


        For admission into the hotel where the CIFSQ Conference is held, it is essential to provide the status of your health on your “Health QR Code” (Jian Kang Ma) mobile app. Only those who can provide a GREEN QR code on their mobile app will be allowed entry by the hotel. This requirement also applies to Chinese nationals, including foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan residents on a work permit or long-term visa.


        If you visit China on a business or tourist visa and plan to attend the CIFSQ Conference, please note that you will need to present your nucleic acid test report as well as a release for the medical quarantine before being allowed to enter the hotel. Testing is performance upon your arrival in China. Please refer to this link for the latest government travel/entry policy, applicable to Chinese nationals, foreign residents & overseas visitors: http://english.www.gov.cn/2020special/5e32830ec6d019625c60433b/5e32832ac6d019625c60433d


        The hotel will only allow you to enter if your body temperature does not exceed 37.3C (99.1F). Any measurement above this level will automatically result in denial of entry, irrespective of your previous test results or GREEN status QR code or test certificates. Attendees denied access should seek medical consultation without delay.


        It is compulsory to wear a face mask at all times while attending the event. Wearing a face mask is one of the most effective measures for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We want you to know that we will be strictly enforcing the requirement to wear a face covering. You will be ejected without compensation if you choose not to comply with this requirement. While you're encouraged to bring your face covering, supplies are available if needed.


        We encourage social distancing of 1m (3.3ft) for all participants at this event. Seating arrangements for the conference room, as well as dining, will also observe this guideline.


        Disinfectants are widely available throughout the event venue. We encourage everyone to make use of them to keep your hands clean and virus free. When and where possible, windows and doors are to remain open to promote better cross ventilation.

        From time to time, we will modify the requirements to reflect the latest situation. We will inform you as soon as possible so you can prepare for any changes or updates. Thank you kindly for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at any time.
        Yours Sincerely.

        Arthur Wu
        Operations Team
        CIFSQ Conference
        E: mailto:arthur.wu@infoexevents.com.cn
        July 12, 2022

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