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        Safer Food Healthier Lives

        Safe food is essential to achieving sustainability, security, and above all, good health. Around the world, governments and businesses share the enormous responsibility for safeguarding food. This challenging job benefits immensely from multilateral knowledge sharing, collaboration, and dialogue. With a focus on professional education and networking, the China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference brings a passionate community of global experts together to address critical issues and identify recent advances in science, intelligent technologies, and effective best practices that can make a difference towards improving food safety. At the upcoming event in Shanghai, up to 600 regulators, scientists, industry executives, technologists, and academics who are committed to protecting food and consumers are expected to attend physically or virtually, including 120+ talented food safety thought leaders who will take the stage to share their insights on the latest developments. We welcome your participation on October 26 - 27, 2022.

        Topics for 2022

        Transforming food safety through data-driven technology
        Recycled plastics: Environmentally Friendly and Safe for Food
        Science to the Stage! The Difficult Role of Science in Setting Food Standards
        Evidence Based Risk Communications
        Control of the Food Chain: The Belgian Approach
        Regulatory Issues on Alternative Protein for Conventional Animal Meat
        Alternative Protein, Cellular Meat & Plant Based Food
        Summary Report of EU-China SAFE Project
        Advancing Food Safety Through Partnerships
        Evidence-Based Risk Communications
        Non-Animal Methods for Safety Testing (NAM)
        Rapid Microbial Detection & Sample Preparation
        Food Allergen Control in the Food Industry
        Hot Topics
        A Collaborative Approach to Food Safety Education
        Historical Review of HACCP: Progress & Challenges
        Medicine Food Homology Research & Application Forum
        Risk Assessment for Multiple Chemicals Hazards
        Applications of New Analytical Technology & Data Analytics
        Mineral Oil Contamination in Food
        Improving Food Safety Performance Through Setting & Measuring Food Safety KPIs
        Special Purpose Food

        Conference Leadership / Featured Speakers

        Improving Food Safety, One Event at a Time

        "Food safety concerns the health of everyone, and is one of the top concerns of the people. More targeted, effective and practical measures must be taken to address issues that worry the people the most, such as pesticide residues on fruits, vegetables, and crops, adulterated food, and sanitary conditions of kitchens. Standards in the food industry is the fundamental framework for food safety. The establishment and improvement of a standard system, is essential to bring China’s standards in line with the international standards as soon as possible. Supervision must be strengthened over every phase of food production, circulation and consumption, and social forces should be encouraged to take part in the supervision."

        Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng
        Head of the National Food Safety Commission, State Council, P.R.C.

        Event Secretariat

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        InfoEX - World Services Ltd.

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